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I'm an educator and a director of education technology. This means I'm playing with computers and learners throughout the day. Because of that, there's lots of opportunities to mix my own passions with what I do on the daily. This is where I write about the lessons I've learned along the way.


What's that code again?

August 03, 2021

A 7+ hour drive from Cedar Rapids, IA back to Birmingham gave me plenty of time to build out a game for my students. I'm also close to launching a complete curriculum coupled with features for teachers looking to save some time and energy. This is as close as to 'building in public' that I've been comfortable with to date.
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Stripe Webhooks and Next.js

June 27, 2021

Webhooks are nothing new, but I'm just realizing their potential when paired with API routes in Next.js. For a SaaS I'm currently building, I needed a way of programmatically generating licenses for users after purchase. With Stripe webhooks, it was a snap.
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Modular Apps with the JAMstack

March 23, 2021

Developing web apps using the JAMstack is pure nirvana. The modular nature and growing range of services (many that are open source) makes for blistering development speeds. In this post I discuss the creative opportunities the JAMstack brings to building new services.
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Heroku's Rotating Credentials

February 09, 2021

Recently I created a client site that utilizes NextAuth.js for authentication. I needed the user data to persist in a database, but the connection configuration can be a pain with Heroku's rotating credentials. Read this post to see how I solved it.
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Secret Santa's Secret Helper

December 07, 2020

Last year my wife facilitated a 'Secret Santa' exchange. She needed a fair and anonymous way of pairing people and I saw a fun opportunity to solve a problem.
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The Tutoring Bar is Open

November 18, 2020

Over the summer, a group of my colleagues and I read a book by Daine Tavenner called Prepared. In it, this revolutionary educator describes a strategy called the 'tutoring bar' and how teachers at her schools use it on a daily basis. In an effort to teach more effectively during hybrid learning - and for my own satisfaction and desire for greater student achievement - I gave it a try.
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Lessons Learned: Building with LaTeX and Using Hooks

October 20, 2020

That's a weird sounding title. In reality, this post is all about lessons learned via an abandoned project. In it, I talk a little bit about self-expression and using the useEffect hook for the first time.
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Work the problem: Hybrid Teaching

September 23, 2020

Hybrid teaching is a great case-study in understanding the difference between fact and perception. Is it easy? Arguably, no. However, there are some efficient ways to reframe the way we think about it in order to make our lives, and the lives of our students, easier.
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Thoughts on a Pandemic

September 19, 2020

Teaching isn't easy. Teaching in a pandemic is like doing anything else in a pandemic: compounded in difficulty. I wrote down a few thoughts about our current situation and the future of education viewed through this filter.
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Lessons Learned from The Martian

April 15, 2020

The Martian should be celebrated as one of the greatest, nerdiest, most kick-ass pieces of literature ever written. For any teacher that likes to utilize a problem-based approach in class, look no further than Mark Watney's attempts to stay alive on the red planet.
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